Where can I find sponsored research opportunities?

The ADRO office maintains a Sponsored Research Opportunities webpage which provides a quick at-a-glance list of select opportunities considered to be of interest to our researchers.

Grants.gov lists federally funded opportunities with many filtering options.

Faculty and staff have access to SPIN via PennERA.

    • After logging in, click the “Find Funding” link at the top of the page.

Are there any sponsored programs or grant opportunities that target Junior Faculty?

Yes. Many sponsors manage programs aimed at providing junior faculty with funding opportunities to help advance their research interests. Visit ADRO’s Junior Faculty page for more information and to see a list of programs with annual calls for proposals.

How do I submit my grant proposal?

The grant proposal submission process begins with submitting a grant proposal intake form. For more details, visit the Proposal Resources page and review the section entitled Proposal Submission Instructions. You may also email the Office of the Associate Dean of Research (ADRO) or the Research Services Pre-Award team at preaward@seas.upenn.edu and ask for assistance.

Can I get assistance with preparing a large-scale grant?

Yes! The Office of the Associate Dean for Research (ADRO) is available to help with large-scale, multi-PI grant proposals. Visit the Multi-PI Proposal Support page for more details.

How do I disclose something I have been working on?

The Penn Center for Innovation (PCI) has an online inventor portal where you can disclose your research and explore commercialization opportunities. You can read more about the resources available to you through PCI here.

What should I do if a company wants to hire me as a consultant?

The Penn Center for Innovation (PCI) offers a Concierge Service to our faculty to assist with reviewing outside agreements and maintaining compliance with university guidelines. To request this service, email the proposed agreement to Steven Weiner, Senior Director of Innovation & Technology at PCI and copy adro@seas.upenn.edu. More information about this and other resources offered through PCI can be found here.

How can I ensure that I am in compliance with the Conflict of Interest policy?

Each faculty member has an obligation to familiarize themselves with the contents of Penn’s Policy on Conflicts of Interest Related to Research available at  https://catalog.upenn.edu/faculty-handbook/iii/iii-f/ and if they are in any doubt as to whether a proposed activity would violate the policy, they should consult the Associate Dean for Research for guidance in advance of undertaking the activity.

What steps should I take if I am interested in creating a Penn Engineering Research Center?

Faculty interested in establishing a Penn Engineering Research Center must submit a proposal to the Office of the Associate Dean of Research that addresses the following items:

  • Mission & Scope
  • Membership & Organization
  • Research & Funding
  • External Visibility
  • Education
  • Future Opportunities
  • Penn Engineering Support (if requested)

Detailed guidelines can be downloaded here.