Multi-PI Proposal Support

On occasion, researchers might want assistance with preparing the parts of their proposal that fall outside the scope of the science.

The sections below detail steps you can take to request active support in developing your grant proposal.

Cost Share Requirements

For proposals requiring cost share, please contact to discuss and develop a plan to meet the proposal requirements. In your email, you can include the proposal call, the required cost-share, and Penn Engineering’s anticipated cost share in dollars.

Request a Grant Writer

Researchers seeking assistance developing their grant proposals can request a grant writer.

A grant writer will help with language, formatting, presentation, and ensuring that the proposal is responsive to the sponsor’s call.

If you wish to explore working with a grant writer, send an email to and copy the pre-award team ( It is advisable to submit your request as early as possible as requests are addressed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Request a Red Team Review

For researchers preparing large-scale grant proposals, you may request a Red Team Review.

A Red Team will review your proposal offering feedback and suggestions to help ensure your submission is comprehensive and compelling.

To request a Red Team Review, email and include a summary of your proposal, how you feel a Red Team can help, and the sponsor’s call.

Host a Visit

If a sponsor requests a site visit at Penn, submit this form as soon as you receive the request to account for limited time and space availability.  Submit with your request a comprehensive document containing specific details for the visit.

The document should include the name of the sponsor and contact person, requested dates and times, locations your guests will visit, any meal requirements or restrictions, compliance considerations, and any special requests.