Data Science

Innovation in Data Engineering and Science (IDEAS)

IDEAS will commit $60 million in resources for faculty hiring and research in the areas of data-driven scientific discovery and experimentation, design and engineering of safe, explainable and trustable autonomous systems, and data science for neuro engineering and bio-inspired computing.


René Vidal, Rachleff and Penn Integrates Knowledge University Professor in the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering in the School of Engineering and Applied Science, and the Department of Radiology in the Perelman School of Medicine, is IDEAS inaugural director. Vidal‘s research focuses on the mathematical foundations of deep learning and its applications in computer vision and biomedical data science. In addition to bridging data engineering and science activities across all of Penn’s schools, IDEAS is actively recruiting core faculty with expertise in those respective areas.


Amy Gutmann Hall is the new home for data science at Penn, serving as a hub for infusing data-driven approaches  into every department and sparking new collaborations,  both with industry partners and the next generation of data scientists in Philadelphia’s public schools.