• Penn Engineering Resumption of Research Activities Plan
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Penn Engineering Resumption of Research Activities Plan

Penn Engineering Resumption of Research Activities Plan    

Penn Engineering Town Hall Meeting: Resumption of Research Activities

Penn Engineering held a Town Hall on the Resumption of Research Activities in preparation for returning to campus on June 8th. Main topics covered: – Penn Engineering’s current knowledge of methods to reduce the risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission – Preparing Penn Engineering buildings for the resumption of on campus research activity: what it will look […]

COVID-19 Research and Academic Safety Reporting Committee

Mission Statement In these uncertain times the Penn Engineering Covid-19 Research and Academic Safety Reporting Committee has been formed as an independent oversight body, comprised of staff, students, post docs, and faculty drawn from across the School of Engineering and Applied Science, and charged with serving as allies of the Penn Engineering community to help […]


1. When will this start? Phase 1 will start June 8, 2020. This start date may change, based on the guidance from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.   2. Can we re-open campus if Pennsylvania’s stay at home order is still in effect? Yes. Lab research is deemed an essential activity, so campus labs may re-open […]

Resumption of Research Activities

Office of the Vice Provost for Research University of Pennsylvania Research Resumption Phase III: Summer Semester With significant progress made in managing the impact of the pandemic, our research community has entered Phase III of the Research Resumption Plan. This Phase is characterized by a return to full research operations in alignment with University policy […]

COVID-19 Penn Engineering Postdoctoral Information

To Penn Engineering Postdoctoral Researchers: We are all seeking new means to interact virtually to make progress in our research and to support one another. If you have ideas or suggestions, please contact, Alicia Pickul, Executive Assistant to Senior Associate Dean.   Penn Engineering Town Hall Update from August 13th: Watch Town Hall Update    (Password […]

COVID-19 Penn Engineering Research Information

In the face of the urgent public health crisis caused by COVID-19, we have followed the University’s guidance and instituted new policies effective March 18. Access to Penn Engineering labs will be limited to essential personnel who perform critical procedures or processes that require regular attention to maintain the long-term viability of the laboratory, reagents, […]

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