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Soft Lithography Lab

The Singh Center’s Soft Lithography Lab is fully outfitted for the fabrication of PDMS devices for microfluidics and microcontact printing. A complete complement of tools is located in the lab, including an ABM mask aligner and Anatech barrel asher. The lab also provides photoresist, PDMS, and all necessary supplies and tools for connecting devices to […]

Quattrone Nanofabrication Facility

The Singh Center’s Quattrone Nanofabrication Facility provides core nanofabrication capabilities. Their mission is to enable research and development in a number of areas. As embodied in the Penn Compact, QNF focuses on increased access as well as integrating knowledge by engaging the Greater Philadelphia Region and far beyond. Their core endeavors are to support teaching, […]

Weiss Tech House

The Weiss Tech House is a student-run hub of technological innovation that encourages and supports students in the creation, development and commercialization of innovative technologies. Students with a broad range of technological interests and skill can explore, collaborate, and access resources like the Garage Lab, reservable meeting space, funding, educational workshops and a network of […]

Nanoscale Characterization Facility

The Singh Center’s Nanoscale Characterization Facility (NCF) is a full-service center equipped with a wide range of state-of-the-art instrumentation for materials analysis. Nanoscale characterization of polymers, ceramics, composites, metals, electronics, and thin films is conducted using scanning, transmission, and scanning-transmission electron microscopes, atomic force microscopes, and ion scattering techniques. A wide range of specimen preparation […]

Scanning and Local Probe Facility

The Singh Center’s Scanning and Local Probe Facility is a unique lab that serves as an incubator for new probes of nanostructure behavior and associated instrumentation development. It is equipped with a suite of nine advanced scanning probe systems, opto-electronic/transport tools, and optical probes operating in fluid, ambient, or vacuum environments. The Facility is currently […]

SIG Center for Computer Graphics

The SIG Center for Computer Graphics is the result of a gift from The Susquehanna International Group, LLP, better known as SIG. This gift, combined with other generous donations, has resulted in facilities supporting the CG@Penn programs. The center contains the H. Stone Animation Studio, which hosts a large capture area (25 ft by 11 […]

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