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COVID-19 Communications Committee for Doctoral Students and Postdoctoral Researchers

We have formed a Communications Committee for Doctoral Students and Postdoctoral Researchers. This committee will meet as long as the COVID-19 crisis requires virtual operations, on a roughly biweekly basis.  The names and contact information of all members are given in the directory, below. Committee membership includes representation of doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers, graduate coordinators and chair, and leading staff from Research and Academic Services, and from the Dean’s office. Please reach out to any of us with concerns.

The aim of this communications committee is to ensure strong communication and to identify needs and strategies to support doctoral student and postdoctoral researchers on several fronts during this crisis, including:

  • Doctoral student and postdoctoral research community’s emotional and mental health.
  • Doctoral student progress in programs and individual projects.
  • Postdoctoral research progress in their projects.
  • Interact with those who encounter challenges in climate, communication or support.

We will also foster discussions as senior doctoral students and postdoctoral scholars plan for their future endeavors in this new landscape. Further, we are open to responding to needs that arise and that are brought to light in discussions with our broader communities.

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Directory of committee members

Doctoral student representatives

Doctoral student representatives include all members of the Dean’s Doctoral Advisory Committee and the Doctoral Board on Diversity and Inclusion.  These boards include at least two students from each department, with some overlap between the boards.   Lists of board membership and emails are below:

Dean’s Doctoral Advisory Board

Jason Andrechak BE
Erin Berlew BE
Divya Jain BE
Jessica O’Callaghan CBE
Bharath Venkatesh CBE
Yiyuan (Daniel) Zhang CBE
Meghna Gummadi CIS
Daphne Ippolito CIS
Zachary Schutzman CIS
Michael D’Agati ESE
Tzu-Yung Huang ESE
Kendall Queen ESE
Mohsen Azadi MEAM
Chengyang Mo MEAM
Ranny Zhao MEAM
Ben Paren MSE
Simeon Ristic MSE
Antoine Verret MSE

Doctoral Board on Diversity and Inclusion

Oladayo Adewole BE
Jonathan Nukpezah BE
Wilfredo Mendez CBE
Alismari Read CBE
Phillip Hilliard CIS
Joel Hypolite CIS
Fernando Gama ESE
Tzu-Yung Huang ESE
Raj Patel ESE
Kendall Queen ESE
Rossiny Beaucejour MEAM
Jason Christopher Jolly MSE
Larissa Woryk MSE

Postdoctoral representative  

Dimitrios C. Tzarouchis, ESE

Graduate coordinator representatives

Maryeileen B. Griffith, MEAM,

Kathleen Venit, BE,

Graduate Academic Council representatives

Yale Cohen, BE,

Research and Academic Services and other SEAS representatives

Alyse Edwards (RAS)

Sonya Gwak (RAS)

Bradley Richards (SEAS)

Dean’s office representatives

Boon Thau Loo, Associate Dean,

Professional Development Workshops

Throughout the academic year, the Office for Research and Innovation hosts a series of workshops designed to provide graduate students and postdocs with a richer understanding of what it is like pursuing careers both in academia and industry. Workshops featured include, “The Joy of Being Faculty: How I Devised my Research Program,” “Commercialization and How to Pursue a Career in Industry,” and, “The Joy of Being Faculty: How to Apply for a Faculty Position.”