• Resumption of Research Activities

Resumption of Research Activities

Office of the Vice Provost for Research

University of Pennsylvania Research Resumption Phase: Fall Semester

The Fall Semester Phase eliminates the explicit population density limit as a percentage of normal occupancy while still requiring social distancing in all spaces, anticipates some expansion of activities in field work and human subjects’ studies, streamlines the close contact exception process and defines exception criteria for use of meeting spaces.

The majority of the requirements in the Phase II plan remain in place during the Fall Semester Phase.  These include the requirements for school and faculty research resumption plan approval, exception approval for research related travel, office use approval, field work approval, and processes for clinical and non-clinical studies involving human subjects.

Penn Engineering|Mitigating COVID Transmission

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COVID-19 Related Training for Penn Employees

Penn COVID-19 Training for Workers – 5/14/20

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COVID-19 Research and Academic Safety Reporting Committee


Penn Engineering Town Hall Update from August 13th:

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Phase 2 Resuming Research Activities (RRA)

Phase 2 of the Resumption of Research Activities – Monday, July 13. This phase will allow access to campus for people to complete essential on-campus activities approved in Phase 1 and revised in Phase 2. 

Phase II, much like Phase I:
  • Will require a justification for the need to access on-campus infrastructure for students/postdocs to progress in their research and to deliver on grants, without which the work could not be carried out
  • Any activity that can be done remotely, should continue to be done off-campus 
  • General research travel is not allowed without authorization
  • Resumption of research activities is voluntary and managed through an opt-in process
Phase II, what’s new:
  • Increase occupancy in our buildings to 50% normal operation
  • SEAS guidelines of >100 sq ft per person in laboratories
  • For those with justifications to be on campus, office space can be used if social distancing can be maintained
If you are a trainee or staff member that was approved for Phase I return, you do not need to complete any additional form for Phase II. Your mentor/supervisor, however, must present an updated plan that meets all of the distancing and safety requirements for Phase II. 

Phase 1 Resuming Research Activities (RRA)

As we now look ahead, Penn Engineering is resuming on-campus operations as approved by President Gutmann and in conjunction with the Office of the Vice Provost for Research. This page will be updated as information becomes available.

Phase 1 of Resumption of Research Activities will commence on June 8, 2020, consistent with the guidelines from the plan from the Vice Provost for Research https://research.upenn.edu/resources/resumption/

Access to all buildings in the Penn Engineering Complex is restricted to approved personnel. All laboratories and classrooms inside the complex are locked and accessible only to individuals who have had their activities approved as part of the Phase 1 reopening. To request access, please contact adro@seas.upenn.edu. Currently, access is prohibited to undergraduate students.

We established the COVID-19 Research and Academic Safety Reporting Committee to serve as our ears and eyes on the engineering campus to make it easy for the members of our community to report egregious conduct or coercion of any form.

Penn Engineering Resumption of Research Activities Plan

FAQs – Resumption of Research

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