COVID-19 Penn Engineering Research Information

In the face of the urgent public health crisis caused by COVID-19, we have followed the University’s guidance and instituted new policies effective March 18.

  1. Access to Penn Engineering labs will be limited to essential personnel who perform critical procedures or processes that require regular attention to maintain the long-term viability of the laboratory, reagents, animals, and equipment.  The Vice Provost for Research website provides guidance for personnel who are deemed essential.
  2. All students, postdocs, staff and faculty will work remotely whenever possible. Everyone’s comfort and response to the pandemic is different. Therefore, no student, staff, postdoc or faculty should be required to come to campus.
  3. Safety is of paramount importance. In addition to practicing social distancing and good hygiene, plan for personnel who can perform critical procedures to maintain laboratory materials and instruments to ensure laboratory safety. Examples include, nitrogen or argon gas supplies for gloveboxes and for optics, liquid nitrogen tank filling, animal support, cell line maintenance, safety/storage of chemical compounds. Make sure you always have a buddy if you have to enter a laboratory.

Please consult this website to review new measures taken in response to COVID-19.

We understand how disruptive these events are for research, for your scholarly work and for your education and training activities. We also recognize the stress caused by this disruption, and we are prepared to support you to minimize the impact on professional advancement. Funding and institutional support for staff, students, and postdocs will continue, even though personnel are off campus.

Cherie Kagan
Associate Dean for Research